WinMoSquare – Foursquare for Windows phone now in Beta

I’m glad to announce a beta version of the Foursquare app for Windows phones – WinMoSquare.


The app is only available for touch screen Windows phones today. The .NET Compact Framework v3.5 is a pre-requisite for you to be able to run the application on the phone. You’d also need a phone that runs either Windows Mobile 6.1 or a Windows Mobile 6.5.

Get me them goods

You can get the goods by emailing or submitting your email address in this webform:


This is a beta. We definitely want to add features to expose the leaderboard, add new friends on the fly, and incorporate any new APIs that Foursquare may expose. There are also plans to submit this application to the Windows Marketplace for Mobile, and that will happen as soon as we hit v1 of the app and we’re confident that we’re beyond a beta.


Here I’ve installed WinMoSquare on an HTC HD2. I’ll let the screen captures do the talking as far as the functionality of the app itself goes:


Screen03 Screen04

Screen05 Screen06

Screen07 Screen08

Screen10 Screen11

Screen12 Screen13


Last but not least, I want to thank the team at Touchality for developing the app. Foursquare away!


PS: And thanks to @kylemce for the name “WinMoSquare” :)

33 thoughts on “WinMoSquare – Foursquare for Windows phone now in Beta

  1. Any chance a 3rd party app will be created for us WinMo 6.1 Standard (non-touch screen) users?

    I know that I and a bunch of folks that follow me would be interested if that was the case.


  2. I read an article that said this beta was “released”. Would it be more accurate to say that it was “announced”? I submitted the form and sent an email to the address provided and have had not a response.

    Can we get a little info? We are like excited children on Christmas morning who can't wait to unwrap the new toy!! :)

  3. Really looking forward to trying it, but I haven´t received any link yet…
    BTW Shouldn´t MS play a role in creating good complete reference apps for a number of high publicity services such as Foursquare, Facebook (it´s there but it s…s), Twitter (not one complete client), etc.?

  4. Got my link tonight, got it installed opens up fine asks me to log in, i signed up with Foursquare and activated my account still cant log in whats with that ??

  5. I couldn't agree with you more about reference apps. The team at Touchality and I have been thinking of sharing the source to the app so that others can use it as a reference.

  6. Installed in on my HTC HD2. Interface looks very good but have a big problem. Not able to check in at a place. Application crashes on that choice. Is there a solution for that?

  7. Hi,

    WinMoSquare is definitely supported on the HTC HD2.

    Please contact us again at, and we'll try to work you through any issues you're experiencing. Also, when we tried to respond to your email to us originally, but our email was returned to us.

  8. Hi, Thanks for beta version.

    I've installed on my Omnia (Samsung i900). It could'nt detect the GPS.

    Just feedback for your information. Waiting to hear any update.

    Great Job !!

  9. I installed it on my Omnia i910 on Verizon Wireless. Once I get a GPS lock, it works fine. I have to trigger the GPS from Google Maps. It doesn't seem to be automatically aware that the phone has GPS.

  10. Hi again. As Kareem said, I run iGO 8 to activate the GPS on i900.
    The App work fine !

    It would be nice if it can detect the GPS itself automatically. Thanks !!

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