Second Microsoft Commercial – “Nice work G, it’s a PC”

As MG Siegler reported yesterday over on VentureBeat, the second of the more targeted PC commercials (“Laptop Hunters“) went live this morning.

In this case, Giampaolo is looking or a laptop for under $1500 with portability, battery life and power. I suppose my good friend MG is now “more convinced” than he was with the previous commercial? <smiley face>


“a I’m a PC i”

5 thoughts on “Second Microsoft Commercial – “Nice work G, it’s a PC”

  1. There are a few different kinds of these commercials –
    * Laptop Hunters (value),
    * The Rookies (kids using Vista and Windows Live Essentials),
    * I'm a PC (broad PC commercials),
    * the Mojave Experiment (everyday users using Vista) and of course
    * Gates & Seinfeld.

    The idea behind these (Laptop Hunters) commercials is to highlight the price point value of all the PCs out there as well as talk about the choice you get. These commercials don't necessarily highlight Windows in action, but I'm sure you've seen either the Mojave Experiment or the Rookies. All the commercials are here:


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