Do you heart 7 yet?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised and impressed by how the blogerati has been praising Windows 7:

Sarah Perez pointed out on Twitter that even a couple of Mac lovers had commented on how they didn’t dislike Windows 7 😉

  • Oh My God, I Actually Like Windows 7 (So Far): “… I honestly would not mind using Windows 7 on a daily basis, which is something I haven’t been able to say about a Microsoft OS since when the early days of Windows XP”
  • Windows 7 on the HP 2710p:  “… Let me say at the outset that the installation and the amazing experience I have had with Windows 7 had me seriously thinking if I should stay with Mac OS X.”

One of my biggest peeves with prior versions of Windows has been how long it used to take the machine to wake up from sleep. Here’s my favorite featurette, check out this Qik video I shot of my Lenovo T60P running Windows 7 waking up from sleep:

Now that just blows my mind.


4 thoughts on “Do you heart 7 yet?

  1. I Heart Windows 7. I've actually liked Vista from a UX perspective but have always felt somewhat bad recommending it due to some of the perf issues. With Windows 7 addressing many of those issues I'm happy to say I'll be fully back on the Windows train.

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