Android v iPhone–is the gap really closing?

I live in San Francisco, a metropolitan city, some 50 odd miles from Silicon Valley, the heart of everything technology to the world. This place is filled with “technology early adopters” and  can be considered as the Apple fanboy mecca of the world.

Bear with me for a sec as we look at the scope of just *my* observations… Furthermore, if we were to narrow down the scope of Apple products to just phones…I went to 5 group dinners with anywhere from 4-10 friends in October 2010. Every friend that I went to dinner with, had an iPhone. I take public transportation pretty regularly, I usually see a majority of the people carrying iPhones (an overwhelming majority – more than 70%). I used travel a lot in my previous job, and at SFO, I used to see more people with iPhones than any other device. I started noticing this trend back in 2007:

iphones at panera

But like everyone else, I’ve been hearing all the buzz about how Android based devices are starting to become more mainstream, moreso than iPhones (Nielsen: Android Soars). Which is strange to me because clearly what I see everyday is not what the reality seems to be.

So I decided to look at the number of unique visitors visiting from iPhones and Android based devices over the course of the year (I’ve deliberately hidden the scale):

Weekly Unique Visitors to from Android (blue) and iPhone (red)

That’s pretty staggering data. We see very similar trends when we compare “Pageviews” on from Android based devices and iPhones.

In conclusion, clearly, I live in my own “iPhone/Apple” bubble. There is a growing number of gamers visiting from their Android based devices.

What about you? Does what you see in the real world map to the kind of traffic you see from smartphones?


2 thoughts on “Android v iPhone–is the gap really closing?

  1. Perhaps the weighting toward iPhones where you are reflects the early adopters, whereas newer arrivals to the smartphone game (including myself) are choosing android.

  2. There were a few maps like the one below (can’t find the one I really wanted) that depict the vast majority of android users reside in the central midwest. I’m currently in Kansas City (where HQ of Sprint is nearby) and it feels like the majority have android phones. Certainly nothing like what I see when visiting SF. I read one theory is that AT&T coverage isn’t as good in the central midwest which probably contributes to user seeking carriers that don’t carry the iPhone.

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